Boligmappa Developers

Welcome to our developer hub. Here you’ll find API product pages, API reference documentation, getting started guides, code samples and more.

Experiencing any downtime? Check if our applications are up and running here.


1. Sign up for access keys to our API and accept our terms and conditions.

2. Startup meeting: Demo your solution where we’ll give feedback and tips to integrate as easy and smooth as possible.

3. You’ll get the access keys.


4. Look at our API reference. You’ll find a getting started guide there, as well as a step-by-step guide for our most common use case for finding a property and uploading files. 

5. Happy coding! Contact us at any time in our Slack channel. If you don’t have access, let us know and we’ll invite you.

Go live!

6. We’ll have a verification meeting of your integration to ensure you are using the endpoints as intended. 

7. Sign integration agreement.

8. Receive access keys for our production environment and we are live with the new integration!

9. Please make a demo video, or article, of your integration to our helpdesk page that explains the usage.