Boligmappa for developers

Welcome to our developer hub. Here you'll find API product pages, API reference documentation, getting started guides, code samples and more.


  • 1. Sign up for access keys to our API and accept our terms and conditions.
  • 2. Startup meeting: Demo your solution where we'll give feedback and tips to integrate as easy and smooth as possible.
  • 3. You'll get the access keys.


  • 4. Look at our API reference. You'll find a getting started guide there, as well as a step-by-step guide for our most common use case for finding a property and uploading files.
  • 5. Happy coding! Contact us at any time in our Slack channel. If you don't have access, let us know and we'll invite you.

Go live

  • 6. We'll have a verification meeting of your integration to ensure you are using the endpoints as intended.
  • 7. Sign integration agreement.
  • 8. Receive access keys for our production environment and we are live with the new integration!
  • 9. Please make a demo video, or article, of your integration to our helpdesk page that explains the usage.
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